Rewriting my past-30 minutes later

This seems so basic, yet I’m posting it here in case there are other Diamonds who sometimes think they are back at the starting blocks.

After losing 60 pounds, I’ve been playing a lot of grab ass. The weight fluctuates by a handful of pounds but I feel so powerless sometimes after feeling so solid with regards to food.

Today, after a pint of ice cream PLUS Netflix binging, I decided to apply the homework questions to the last 30 minutes and all the negative chatter about it; how do I want to tell the story?

Defiance, willfully going off protocol serves me by NOT working. I don’t really feel better. It leaves me with the only proven option to fears, big or small; feel it and be brave and let my true awesome self shine through. Even if its just a fear of the discomfort of hearing, “No.”