Sadness in the C line – follow-up

Dear Brooke, I was moved and helped by your reply last week. As I have stopped resisting sadness and allowed it to just be it’s opened a floodgate of emotion and tears that I’m sitting with. I’m understanding better that my sadness stems from a stack of different negative emotions; fear, inadequacy, shame, loneliness, disappointed, dread, loss, regret, anger, hurt. It has helped me to think “I’m feeling a lot of negative emotions and that’s OK”.

Some of the painful thoughts I have include:
I should be doing better
I’m not accomplished
I regret past decisions
I’m not attractive/likeable
I’ve nobody who values me
Feeling sad makes me a bad parent
If anything happened to me there’s nobody to care for my kids

When I have a LOT of negative thoughts like this is the next step to examine and replace each and every negative thought?

As I go through the workbook this month I can see how I’ve used the idea that most judgements we have of others are projections of ourselves as another form of self-criticism – if I’m judging someone I have that flaw.