Scarcity thought – positive result? (Nadège)

Hi Brooke!
Thank you for your previous answers!
I’m back in Paris and I’ve loved our road trip in the US – lots of time to think about my thinking!!!
I’m listening to a money call and I realise my thinking goes like this:
C – money
T – I might not have enough
F – fear
A – I save money, I don’t use it
R – I have money
I realise that the C could be food, same process: I save food as fat and as a result I have fat on my body.
But here’s what I don’t understand: I know a negative thought has a negative result, which is the case as far as food is concerned. But not so with money. Or could the result be that I have money that I don’t use?
Here’s my intentional model:
C – money
T – I have got exactly what I need
F – abundant
A – I save money, I spend money
R – I make my money useful to me
I do believe that thought, and in other areas too: I carried around my backpack in the US for a whole month and mostly used the same things over and over again.