Scared and relieved (Nadège)

Hi Brooke!
Thanks for your previous answers!
Today I buffered. I ate what I didn’t want or plan to eat and I observed myself. It was as if there was only one possible option: eating that. I was curious and compassionate, knowing that the reward would be huge afterwards.
And then it came. I was washing the dishes, listening to the 1st Coaching Call of August 2017 when you coached a lady afraid of taking the plane. And it just dawned on me: I’m scared! I’m about to start the Online Coach Training, I’ve just got an email from my (awesome) instructor, I collected my parcel today and I’m riddled with fears about how I might have a hard time being certified, speaking English on the calls, being vulnerable in front of everyone else, etc.
The fantastic thing is that… it actually felt good. It felt like, WOOSH, all of a sudden I was feeling relieved because I was allowing myself to feel my fear. I grew up being told that “no, no, you’re not afraid, there’s nothing to be afraid of, of course you’ll make it, stop your fuss” and I was trying to do the same.
C – Coach Training
T – I shouldn’t be afraid
E – resistant
A – I’m distracting myself by overeating, then blaming myself for it, I’m not paying attention to the underlying feeling
R – I’m not being myself
It feels now that overeating is not an issue anymore (granted, it’s just been a few hours, but still…). I’m not afraid of overeating anymore because I know I CAN be afraid. And it’s ok. I’m so willing to practise my fear that I’m planning to feel it everyday, on purpose.
I feel so relieved all of a sudden!
I’m scared and that’s all.
I’m scared and that’s ok.
C – Coach Training
T – I’m allowed to feel scared.
E – relieved
A – I notice the part of my tummy that feels a bit heavy, my heart beating slightly faster, I notice I can handle that easily, I tell my kids about my discovery, I write on Ask Brooke, I plan to feel my scare everyday on purpose…
R – I’m being myself (and it’s fantastic!)
Thank you SO much!
Nadège (about to blow bubbles on my balcony with my daughter – bye, resistance! Up and away you go!)