School pick-up

Hi Brooke,
I’ve been working for a while on changing my thoughts around dropping/collecting my kids from school. It’s not a huge deal but each day I feel mild dread – it involves waiting around, making small-talk with parents I don’t know well, feeling somewhat shy and awkward. I judge myself for not doing a good job. I’ve worked at trying to embrace it (“I’m glad and grateful I get to collect my kids myself” “this is an opportunity to get to know people and develop confidence ”) and bridge thoughts (“this may be a little uncomfortable but it’s no big deal” “I may not enjoy this and that’s OK”). I was recalling that you didn’t enjoy kids’ birthday parties and opted not to go. I saw a parallel in that I could arrange someone else to pick up my kids. When I think about whether I like my reasons I’m not convinced because it feels a little cowardly – that I’m avoiding a social situation that makes me feel discomfort. On the other hand why not just skip something I have to work hard to enjoy? I’d value your comments 😀