Second guessing my house decision and processing my T’s

LOL Now the panic sets in.

C- House price
UT-the house is too expensive
IT- I deserve it, and I can sell it in a few years if I want. I’m fine.

UT-I paid too much for it
IT- I paid a fair price given that 2017 housing prices went up on average 14% and knowing that I have not found a beautiful home like this for at or under this price thruout Vegas in the past 2 yrs

UT-It is so far from everything
IT- I can use this as an opportunity to get a good gas mileage car, and to listen to all sorts of podcasts and lectures while I drive-so much better sitting at home doing nothing much before going out. And it is close to trails that will not be visited by every tourist under the sun. And I drive this distance every week (in the warmer months) to take the dog to training.

Learning to talk to myself in a helpful supportive way is so important. This is the biggest reason I need scholars- to continue to remember to say helpful things and to learn what to say to myself.

I have found recently that I need to be specific-to-me and accurate-for-me, in my thoughts in order for them to help me. For example,
I was trying to change my insecurity by letting myself know I had nothing to be insecure about.
Then, one day, I realized, there are so many uncertainties in the world and in other people and in our own selves, any normal person could be insecure. It is normal to be insecure, I am operating perfectly. This thought brought me such relief- I am insecure and I am cool with it 🙂 And then I realized, the real reason I was insecure was because I thought I was supposed to be something other than what I was- I thought I was supposed to be secure- and suddenly I became secure with my insecurity. This brought me so much relief

T-I am learning to find a self supportive way to deal with all the uncertainty in the world.
T-I am learning to hear my scared thoughts and my mean thoughts, and to assess what I really need to say and hear in order to find relief and relax back in the moment.
T-I am learning that all my scared and mean thoughts are creative conditioned responses to perceived threats of danger, mostly to the past threat of loss of a sense of safety associated with people close to me and important to me.
T-I am learning to provide myself the sense of safety unconditionally and to encourage myself to soar with my dreams.
T-I am safe for myself
T) I am learning that it is OK if I first react to a circumstance and feel the sharp sensations, and then respond lovingly and with safety for myself.

Thank you for reading this