Seeing My Thoughts As Circumstances

I am 20 months a scholar so I know the difference between circumstances and thoughts. But, I recently find it useful that whereas I used to fear looking at the thoughts that come up for me, I decided that the next level is to start having a different relationship with whatever comes to me and not be afraid and know that I can handle any thought.
So when they come up now, I put them on the C line and see what conversation I want to have with them.
Here are few examples:

C: ‘Writing is hard’ (is a thought I am having now)
T: Yeah, maybe it is, but I really want to write this script so I am going to write now anyway.
F: In Control, Committed.

C: ‘I feel so out of shape’ (is a thought I am having now)
T: Yeah, I probably am, which is why I need to do few exercises to get back in shape!
F: In Control, Determined.

C: ‘I want to eat a bagel’ (is a thought I am having now)
T: Yeah, I hear you, but what I really want is to have a slim body so I am going to allow this urge and leave it unanswered.
F: In Control, Determined.

Does this make any sense?