Self love

Hello! I was wondering if I could get some model help. I had a GREAT coaching call yesterday with Jenn, but we ran out of time to finish the model we were working on. Right now, I’m moving towards loving myself and self acceptance. As I started the process, I realized I really needed to start to connect with myself to know what I was accepting. I originally had the sentence- I’m learning to accept myself just as I am. During the call we talked about different feelings- love verse determination. My model below is working on a thought that moves me towards love. First I had the thought – I’m choosing to connect with myself, but that felt uncomfortable and it doesn’t give the feeling of love. It feels uncomfortable because I have to slow down and ask myself how I’m doing which is something I haven’t done before. The model we start was something like this: C- ______ T- (Maybe I love you no matter how you show up today?) F- Love A- self coach, get coaching, show compassion to myself, feel through my emotions R- Move towards knowing I am whole, complete and love myself. We talked about taking this work I am doing and going further to love instead of just acceptance. Thank you!