Self Love


I spent these past 9 days feeling worried and pulling my hair out about a purchase I made that I was persuaded to buy because some really talented salesmen pitched it really well. I’m having a hard time with trusting myself and my decisions if I could buy into something that seems so silly and idiotic 9 days later. I have gone through with cancelling this purchase and will see in the coming week and a half if I’m able to get my down payment back, but I’m having a crisis of faith right now. I am struggling with my thoughts about myself and I’m wondering how to trust myself again, even to love the person who made this purchase (me). The huge thought is “I can’t believe I would do this to myself” or “I should have known better”. Here’s the model:

C – purchase 9 days ago
T – I should have known better
F – self-loathing
A – spin in worry thoughts, sit on my couch and hold my head, ignore my plans for this week, isolate from people
R – I don’t live up to my expectations

I want to feel compassionate/self-loving here instead of self-loathing for sure.

Thank you!