Sentences that serve me – AMD

Sentences that serve me
– I have no business being in that person’s head.
– Brooke warned me that achieving this wasn’t going to be a pot of gold. It’s supposed to just lead to new challenges.
– It’s just math.
-You don’t have a product problem, you have a copy problem.
-I can decide that I don’t care what anyone does with what I create.

I launched my book on 2/11 – 3 days ahead of schedule. I sold exactly 4 copies. One was bought by a stranger who posted it for free online. One was bought by me to make sure the product was what I expected it to be. One was bought by my mother and one by a friend.

I kept going – playing with Facebook ads, playing with Amazon ads, changing my copy.

On 2/24 – someone read 26 pages for free and I got my first like. No more pages were read.

I kept going… I found a new place to advertise, I changed my product description. The formatting is not perfect on it but I left it up until I could fix it.

Yesterday, 92 pages of my book were read by afternoon and then no more. I went to bed.

This morning – 303 pages were read. The me from a year ago, would have given up long ago. The me from the future is waving me on.
– So Proud to be a Diamond Scholar.