sex and alcohol

Hi Brooke, I am working on quitting drinking and have really started to limit how much I drink, going most weeks without any. This has been pretty eye opening for me. Drinking less has allowed me to understand more of why I was drinking so much, so growth all around. However, the one area that I am stuck on is sex. I always thought I had a fantastic sex life…I was always up for it, an active participant, enjoyed it, etc. What I’ve realized is that I used sex to distract my husband from my drinking. I think it was in the back of my mind, but I was having fun anyway, so the underlying reason didn’t seem to matter. Well, now that I’m drinking less, my libido has tanked. Every night my thought is I don’t want to have sex and I’m too tired. Thankfully my husband has been super patient with me, but he is wondering what on earth is going on with me. So where to go from here? Any thoughts? I have been trying to bridge thoughts, like some nights I will want this. Some people want to have sex every night. It is enjoyable, etc…but I still land back to the I don’t want to thinking. Thanks.