Sex & Boundary

Hi Brooke,

I’ve been dating this wonderful man for a year on mostly long-distance relationship due to his work.
A month ago we decided to move in together and I came to know that his appetite for sex is insatiable (his words).

The moment he comes home, no matter what I do (I could be on the phone, I could be reading, working), he just has to have sex.
Then again after dinner, then he wakes me up at night and then again as soon as he wakes up.
He doesn’t care if I am on my period, that I need to sleep, he just goes for it.

At first I thought it was the newness of living together but he shared with me that he used to be a porn addict and he just have to have sex several times a day and that he can never have enough.

We actually run few models and HIS thoughts about this are:
‘I should be flattered that he wants me so much’
‘It’s perfectly healthy for a man to want to have sex often’
‘Sex is a must ingredient of a healthy relationship and so I must agree to it each time he wants it’

I really enjoy having sex with him but MY thoughts are:
‘I enjoy sex with him but I do not want to have sex during my period’
‘I do not want to be woken up at night’
‘It is physically difficult for me to have sex five or six times a day’

The other night he woke me up at 2am and I told him I want to go to sleep and he basically had sex with me while I was half conscious.

With this gap of expectations and wants between us I wonder if this matter should be a boundary issue?