I was reading my last January notebook and noticed I joined because of my desire to get a handle on money. I hustled the entire year making more money than I ever have and built my coaching business at the same time. What I realize now is that a lot of my wanting to achieve was driven by shame. I stopped working in my high earning job in November and am only coaching now. When I stopped buffering by being over busy I realized the thought that I am broken or there is something wrong is pervasive in my life. I think there is something wrong with me because I feel so much shame and I think there is something wrong with my kids and my clients sometimes.😩
I now see that my desire to be busy and to coach is from a place of fixing or changing the c. I want to change my driving fuel to love and because I want to, not from, proving I’m not broken, place.

I made a protocol for myself that I can only work when it’s from peace and abundance not hustling and running away or trying to prove myself.

I’m swimming in the river of misery big time.

What do you think of this protocol and do you have any insight or coaching?

Thank you!