Sharing my success

I wanted to thank you and tell you how much of a difference your work has made to me over the last few months.

It’s been a challenging few months for me. I made a decision earlier in the year to start working for myself (I’m a marketing strategist / planner and have worked in corporates previously)

Anyway building revenue was MUCH slower than I’d have liked. Sure it takes time to build clients. But it was also because I kept buffering and avoiding doing the hard work of asking for a sale! I also buffered and avoided the less hard work of posting on linked in and reaching out to connections etc etc etc. I did a bit of this work but I know not as much as I could.

But what I did do is keep adding value to the world. I’d also enrolled this year in some further practical skills training to help my consulting ability. These involved assessments and recommended practice sessions – most as volunteer. Lots of great work but all unpaid!!

So bank balance declining and fear levels rising, I’ve been out there being busy – even though it wasn’t profitable – and then staying at home alternating between buffering and coaching myself on all of the beliefs I want to have. I also kept being compassionate to myself – no bullying my self.

And all the tine this little voice was telling me to stay in the cave and that I just needed to find a real job. But Instead i tried to hold the future thought. ie. I’m a successful self employed consultant and take the actions that she would take. Keep adding value. Keep looking after yourself. Keep acting like a successful consultant would.

And now the tide has turned!! Last week I asked directly but diplomatically the client for who I’d volunteered to do work for my training to pay me for the next stage. ‘You can do this and this or if you’d like to hire me, I could do this and this’. And when I sent her the written outline I added $2k extra to the price we’d discussed…she’s accepted it without blinking an eye!!

And two other higher paid longer term projects – of the sort of work I love – have come directly to me!! They will cover my over the traditional quiet period for business over summer / Dec-jan in Australia. And of course build more contacts and referrals!!

Brooke, without you and the work you and your team do, I would not be here today. THANKYOU!!