Shift (Nadège)

Hi Brooke,
Thanks for your answer, gold, or should I say diamond (!), as always.
Thanks to the April work, I’ve finally come to realise that I had plenty of time to reach my goal. I used to think that I was behind, that I should have reached my goal weight ages ago and my Models didn’t look good.
C – weight goal
T – I should have reached it a long time ago
F – defeated
A – I blame myself, focus on my mistakes and ruminate
R – I stay stuck
But I’ve realised that I could take all the time in the world and that changed everything. Because when I think that thought, it allows me to focus on one thing at a time, step by step.
T – I can take all the time I need
F – free, relieved
A – I draw up a list of all the different steps I need to go through, I “calendar” them, I get to work, I turn obstacles into strategies, I learn from my mistakes, I learn my new beliefs…
R – I progress
So I’ve decided to focus on quitting sugar and flour for May, then June will be dedicated to a 24h fast once and then twice a week just because it sounds super fun, and so on and so forth… It’s also allowed me to see that I’m slightly wrong when I believe I’m stuck: for instance, I’ve mostly got rid of sugar and flour except when they’re associated to chocolate which I realise is just entertainment, buffering for me so I’m getting rid of this. No matter what. I don’t need it anymore. I’ve had enough of it during my lifetime.
And for the last 13 months, I HAVE made progress, if only for the reason that I’ve been writing models every day, sometimes several times a day. I definitely have changed and that’s exactly what I wanted. It just doesn’t show up in my body yet but I’m committed to make it happen. Just one step at a time. I’ve got all the time in the world!
Thanks for rocking my world!
Have a great day!