Short of Goal

An unexpected loss happened in our business and we rolled up our sleeves and went to work- my business partner/husband(ops) and I(finance) managed our thoughts all through the process until an operating solution was made. And chunked our other issues (ops and finance) that arose and scheduled a follow up strategy meeting.

It was my goal to gross = 1 million and this loss will make the business short about $26k. We did the work until this is a neutral circumstance. That we made this jump to almost a millions is amazing. The year isn’t over yet!

C: Not make 1 million goal because of loss.
T: This issue is for us. There is a lot to learn here. Let’s document it and use it for training.
F: Competant and Amazing
A: Project Manage the solution and Lead our employees
R: Every one at our business felt the pain and grew from this experience. This will not happen again.

So, I am still open to trying for that goal and making decisions from that thought. At the same time, we are looking to our 1Q goals and growth. We are making decisions from having second location designed and operational. How will we approach this in our Store#2?

For the big ops and finance picture, I’m not going to hustle up the sales loss because that isn’t my best role. I will drive down all costs and re-examine my pieces.

I asked my partner if he thought he drew “shorting the goal” to us with his thoughts.

Anything I should dive more deeply into personally here with my self-coaching?

This typed it so pretty… but it was heated at times, had to walk away to process a solution, asked that we slow down in our speaking to one another… I apologized. That’s the mess we began as…