Should Be Models

Hello, I was able to get coached today by Jody. So exciting! I would love some help on these models about looking for a new job/start. I’m trying to move away from making it all heavy, but I want to understand my unintentional models first. C- Looking for a job in Eagle River T- I should be looking at my life’s calling and start pursuing that. F- (bad?) can’t quite get to what it is other than not great or confusion A- spin in thoughts, avoid doing work, make it a very heavy process R – (Not do it?) Here’s the other model: C- Looking for jobs in Eagle River T- I should be looking for a practical job and purse that. F- (Similar to above) A- spin in thoughts about practical job vs calling, avoid doing it, make it a heavy process R- (??) I would love help on breaking down the models and understanding them. Thank you!