Should I Push Back A Deadline?

I’ve been working on a goal of getting a specific job since July. Every month that I haven’t hit the goal, I’ve pushed the deadline back by 30 days. But today I noticed that my thoughts around timeline are making me feel really panicky and pressure. (C: goal to get the job by Dec 19, 2019, T: Theres no way I can get it by then F: Panic) I think the deadlines have been good because it’s forced me to reckon with all the mental drama. For the first few months I mostly pushed it away and buffered but these past few weeks I have been really going through my emotions and facing the mental drama. (It feels terrible!!!) I’m wondering if my thoughts about the deadline are making it harder for me to be abundant though and making me shut down and if I should push it back a year. If I think that I have all of 2020 to get the job, I feel way less pressure and way less panicky. But maybe feeling that pressure and panic is an important part of the process? I feel so attached to getting the job because my brain really thinks I’ll feel better once I get it. When I have the deadlines I keep trying to change my A instead of my Ts, and I’m wondering if I should just push it back a ways and focus on my Ts.