Should I Self Coach To Like Bf More?

My thoughts about my bf go from loving how affectionate, romantic, supportive and sexy he is, to how weak, helpless, and needy he is. I love him, he would literally do anything for me, but he wants way more attention than I’m willing to give. I’m confused if he just isn’t the right guy or if I should coach myself on all my negative thoughts about him. I’m in a stage of super independence so I have clear boundaries about my space and time. I have reasons to stay in the relationship and enjoy him, but I also feel like I have to coach myself on A LOT with him. At first I thought this is a great opportunity to coach myself, but its a shit ton of self coaching on this guy. My question is how do you know when you don’t want to be with someone vs when you just need to clean up your thoughts? Today’s model: C- bf said “I wish I was with you more so you could tuck me in and take care of me,” T- “ugh he’s so needy” F- disgusted A- ignore him for an hour, self coaching, work on believing a new thought about how sweet it is that he wants my attention R-I’m needy of lots of coaching to stay in this relationship ?