Sister work follow up – models

I listed the original models listed for reference follow by some new models. Thank you for your help!
Model 1
C- Sister texts “I can’t come I have no one to watch the kids. I’m not much of a drinker so I feel like you and your friends will have a good time.”
T – It’s my bachelorette party and she should be there since she is my sister and my maid of honor.
F – Hurt
A – Blame her for my feelings, believe she’s making excuses and pushing away, try to find a way to “make” her come
R – I don’t own my power to take care of myself (I make her responsible for it)

Model 2
C – Sister texted “”
T – She should be being different through this whole process.
F – Frustrated
A – Blame her for my feelings, want her to change
R – I don’t own my power to take care of myself (I make her responsible for it)

What if I want to feel hurt and then move into the feeling of compassion (say it happened in the morning and I give it until the next morning to respond)? Would the model for feeling hurt allow me to take responsibility and not put it on my sister? Also – in the model would I have the feeling of hurt or compassion for myself? It’s almost like I have two models going on at the same time.

C – Sister texts “”
T – I’m choosing to think thoughts cause me to feel hurt right now and that’s okay.
F – Compassion
A – Don’t address message right away, do thought work, feel hurt
R – Take ownership of thoughts causing me to feel hurt

C – Sister texts “”
T – Maybe she’s going through a lot right now. (or – We are both going through a lot of changes right now and that’s okay).
F – Compassion
A – Be loving, text her it’s okay
R – Acknowledge what she is going through

Thank you!