Sleep equals more energy – Fact or Thought?

Hey Brooke,

Just got done with coach training in May and had an experience being coached by another coach in training. My issue was around sleep and being able to feel more energetic by getting more sleep. The way the call went though was the that coach was not accepting the idea that more sleep equals more energy. They also didn’t accept the idea that eating less sugar equals more energy.

The call ended up with the thought “I need more sleep” which was a poisonous thought for me, but where is the line that you draw between physical things and thought things. For example, I know my body well enough that if I eat sugar at night that I’m going to get less sleep which will lead to less energy the next day. Yet the coach asked “are there people in this world that get 5 hours of sleep and still have all the energy they need?” “are there people in this world that get 9 hours of sleep and are still tired?” – Yes and Yes…but

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about and would love your thoughts on this.