So What, Now What Situation

Hi Brooke,

I spoke with a friend this morning who works for ten years as a producer assistant in a major production company in Israel. She oversees the production schedule of all TV shows they produce. A heck of a thing…

She knows that I am an aspiring screenwriter who is in the process of writing my portfolio samples and for the past five years or so, she had been reminding me every so often that if I have something I want to send over to her boss, the director, that she’ll be happy to let him read my scripts.

So far I have done nothing with that because I kept trying to overcome my fear of writing, kept going to seminars and reading books about writing rather than writing those scripts. I would start and stop, start and abandon.

This morning I am reading that her boss, a prominent director and producer, has sold several new shows to Amazon Studios, Netflix and Hulu. All are some major TV pilots and are in the process of getting made now.

And so this morning she reminded me again, saying, ‘Hey! There could not have been a better time, if you have something you want him to read, please send it to me. No need for an agent or anything.’

And it was only this morning that I realized that screenwriters are out there (including myself) worry about the gatekeepers and the agents that will not want to represent us, and here I had an opportunity all this time and I’ve done nothing about it because I was too uncomfortable to write badly.

So now, thankfully, as a Diamond member, I get that you might reply to me with two questions: So What if you had this opportunity all this time and did nothing about it? And now what?

And it is clear to me that beating myself up when the opportunity is still available to me is totally missing the point. And also, these days I AM writing, but it may take me few months before I will have anything to show. So I am having difficulty reconciling with that.

Would you help me see how can I see / think of it differently?

That Screenwriter