Starting a Coaching Business Before Finishing Certification

Hi coaches! I’m so excited to be a Diamond, and have signed up for certification starting in March… When it comes to my Impossible Goal for 2020, does it make sense to choose: Start a coaching business and make at least $20K by 12/31/20? I won’t be finished with either the entrepreneurial or applied coaching track at that time, and I know that technically there’s no governing body for the life coach industry…but I just feel weird about making that my goal because I’m not sure that I’ll be “ready”. I’d like to be smart about setting up a business and not rush into it (and I’d love the help from LCS coaches to do it), but at the same time it definitely feels “impossible” at the moment and would be a big stretch in a lot of ways…I know I will get it done at some point, but I’d love to hear what you’d suggest. Should I leave starting a business, with a monetary goal attached, as my impossible goal for 2020?