Starting over? Where do I begin?

Hey Brooke,

I became a diamond in July and I am one of those who thought she’d be further along than I am.

Lots have happened. Lots of good and exciting change. BUT, the one thing I said I wanted to accomplish hasn’t been done.

I have been saying for so long that I wanted to have a health coaching business but I think I have said it for so long that it’s just something I’m used to saying and not creating. SO much time has gone by that I feel extremely disconnected to that goal.

Now I don’t know what I want to do.

I’ve thought about real estate or working as a leasing consultant and making peoples process of getting their next home or apartment a great experience. I guess cause that’s what I’ve been dealing with lately.

I’ve also thought about just life coaching itself and working peoples thoughts.

It’s like I am at the very beginning again. I used to love sharing my health journey, inspiring others and giving tips.

Now that I want to get clients it just feels different when I do it, so I just don’t do it at all. I feel really icky, like a fraud.

Guess my model would be:

C- Health coaching
T- Im no one to be charging people for this stuff, plus i’m not even taking my own health advice anymore
F- Icky, fraud
A- Do nothing/hide
R- No clients

I’ve thought about just sharing my journey again and getting into the swing of things before I try and get clients or even consider this as a business. I guess I want to work on ME again before I get clients.

There’s a sense of pressure for me to figure it out though. Because after I quit my job, I told ppl that I was going to pursue my business idea. So I guess I am embarrassed and ashamed. Which is ridiculous cause I live a state away now from anyone I know. I also somehow feel like I’ve let you down which I know is also ridiculous.

I’m 26 and I know I still have plenty of time to figure things out. BUT underneath it all, I feel like I have eyes around me watching to see what I do. Whether it’s successful or something “amazing”. BUt i dont think anyone that truly loves me would care about what I do with my life, they support me no matter what.

I worry about the judgment of the people I used to work with. Which i’m now questioning, that shouldn’t matter.

Anyways, as I am typing this I realize how dramatic I am making this out to be.

I know you can’t know what I should do but where do I begin?

Should I continue with the business idea or take it slow? Should I try other things instead? Both?

It’s overwhelming some days when I think too much about it. I am in a new state and about to move into a new apartment. I have no real ties to a job because I work from home. I do feel like I have a blank canvas and like I can DO ANYTHING which is also an amazing feeling.

Now that I think about it, I think I am just afraid to choose something and make the wrong decision. Or to suck so bad that I somehow embarrass myself and people think I’m joke – whether it be friends, family or those watching me.

Sorry this is so long – I really wanted to get all my thoughts down and hash it out as I type.

Thanks for all you do.