Staying conscious

Hi Brooke, I’m working on models around a habit I sometimes have of going unconscious. I notice that even when I’m really committed to a goal sometimes I lapse and it’s as if for a while my prefrontal just shut down and I completely “forgot” the big picture. An example would be how I sometimes get very angry with my family over small things which I then quickly regret. It’s as if I didn’t even know it was happening until it’s over. In my models I’m trying to describe the feeling that precedes going unconscious.. the best way I could describe it was “distracted” or “unfocused” – the opposite of being the watcher. My intentional model is:
C: my goal
T: I remember to always pause and see the big picture
F: alert
A: ‘wake up’ so that I do not sabotage my goal
R: keep the big picture top of mind, act in alignment

My concern is that it’s hard to hold this thought! I’d really value your insight.