Stick to the goal, or adjust the goal?

Hi Brooke, I’ve been saving towards buying a home for some 20 years and I’m finally in a position to buy. It means a LOT to me. I know I want the house for the way I think it will make me feel – safe. I want to buy a house that our kids will grow up in, that we will love and will grow rich with memories. Owning a home feels safer than investing in the markets. I have been applying massive action and working daily on the belief “I will find a beautiful home for our family”. We live rurally and I’ve visited, I think, every possible house on the market that looks at all possible in the past 3 months, around 40 properties. I’m looking for THE house but not found it yet. I’ve found a house we like but is a little small and not an ideal location. Prices in our area are high and supply is low. The realtors are suggesting I need to compromise. We are looking for a 4 bedroom home with a garden that’s quiet, light and airy – I thought that would be achievable with our budget. My question is: do I stick with my goal and belief that I can find the perfect home? Do you think it’s helpful to set a deadline? (Say, 6 months or 1 year or 100 houses?) Is there some thought work I can do to explore whether I’m being perfectionist vs simply staying true to my goal? Thank you for any advice.