Still bingeing

Hi Brooke…..I am still bingeing! Ive lost 20 lbs and I find staying on my protocol very easy……until…..i dont. When the feeling to binge comes upon me….about once a week its like a tidal wave. I did have an interesting experience lately though. My daughter had intense auditions this past weekend for college. Three days of audition after audition and i wanted to help her . It was a physical and mental challenge for me but it ended up being really great! On the Friday night of this weeked we went to a famous cheesecake place for my son’s 13th Birthday. I really wanted this cheese cake but i told myself it wouldnt be a good idea because i needed to be in good shape for the weekend because it would be physically challenging for 10 hrs straight. In other words i wanted to be “my best self” so I decided to PLAN to have the cake after the weekend …..and i did …..and it worked and i didnt binge. So i found this very interesting…..when i had that COMPELLING REASON not to binge, i didnt. The problem is on most Regular days I dont have a compelling reason….. i think it wont matter but it always does. I always end up feeling physically and metally sick after i binge. But when the feeling comes upon me it feels like utopia and its the answer to all my problems. Its very frustrating and i feel very hopeless. Thank you for all that you do.