Still not done with the IG (impossible goal)

Hi there,
I need some support here… in 2018 my IG was a weight goal. I lost 40 (way more than I had ever imagined), so still some pounds to let go. It still feels challenging at times, but mostly it’s completely fine and will simply take a few more months. So I would like to chose another IG for 2019. But the only thing I can think of is something that’s not completely in my hands.
The background: I’m a psychotherapist in Germany with a thriving practice, completely booked out for many years. Our helath care system here in Germany is such, that everybody is obligated to have insurance and insurance covers psychotherapy at 100% (up to 80 sessions, then you need to pause for 2 years, but there are exceptions). The backend to this system is, that we as psychotherapists must work with insurances, as nobody would see a reason to pay personally for anything health. The payment is fine also, much better than in the US at least. So my IG isn’t necessarily to earn more, but to do something that (to my knowledge) nobody (here) ever did: I want to keep my practice and add a clinician there to keep it going (as it’s a very well introduced practice with beautiful, but small office space). But then, the really IG would be to open second practice (not impossible, but hardly heard of) and create a trauma therapy center with that. The tricky part is, that the regulations are very strict and I cannot ignore them due to our system. But I want to play at the edge of the rules, so to say (adding all that I learnt in my 30 years as a psychotherapist in an innovative and hopefully helpful way for my clientel), offering very intense sessions with cutting edge trauma therapy tools, added online tools etc.
Where I need your advise with: It feels very exciting, challenging etc in the best sense to follow this idea. But I will have to invest several 10.000€ to get it going and in the best of all scenarios I will earn it back plus a bit. How do I know if it is a good IG or just a dream not worth following. I can also serve many people with all my knowledge and cool tools in my actual practice without the debt and money risk and without potentially overworking. The trauma center will not be possible there, though, by several reasons.
Any thoughts would be very welcome. Thanks!