Submit to Contest Thoughts

Hi Brooke,

There’s a big screenwriting contest I would like to write a screenplay and submit to in 2019.
This is the most prestigious contest of its kind and each year there is a single big winner among some 7,000 submissions.
That’s just math 🙂

In an ideal world I would have loved to be the winner of next year contest, win the fellowship, the prize, and give a five-minute speech, thanking everyone (including you)…

In my mind I know that statistically odds of 1 to 7,000 is very low, but there’s a part of me that says why not me? What do the others have that I don’t have? I am as good as they are.

A friend says that if I will live all this time as I write the screenplay, in a world of ‘I won already’ I am highly likely to hit rock bottom if I won’t win ultimately and will beat myself up.

I think there is no downside to living in fantasy world that I won during this time as long as it fuels my actions, and that worst case is that I gave it my all and then I could manage my mind later if I won’t win and make it mean something that serves me rather than beat myself up.

Do you think the right state of mind is to start writing from a place of ‘I am totally winning this contest’ or from ‘I am hoping to win this contest?’

That Screenwriter