Sugar, Flour and Scratching (AR)

I am eating sugar and flour, and I am still scratching (have eczema). You coached me on my eczema before, and it is something I am still really working on. Today was extremely challenging. There were so many vibrations on my body. The thoughts that came up were, my clothes are dirty, there is pollution in the air, my lotion is bothering my skin, I want to eat sugar and flour.

By the later part of the day, my skin was so much more calm. Today’s work was so effective for me.

C: Physical sensation/itch
T: There is dust, there is pollution, it is irritating my skin
V: Vibration ==> Anxiety
A: Scratch, rub, eat
R: Skin is irritated

C: Physical sensation/itch
T: This vibration will pass
F: Vibration ==> uncomfortable/pain
A: Walk, drink water, self-coach, wait, allow
R: Vibration passes/becomes less intense

The anxiety is still there. The vibration too, but at the moment much less intense. This is so challenging because I logically know I will need to allow this vibration, and the nuance between anxiety and discomfort feels so huge. I am trying on the thought that eczema is my heavy purse. I feel like I need a bit of a push from Brooke.