Taking days off and confidence

Hi Brooke and coaches,

When I am working in my coaching business, I am very intentional with my belief. I feel really confident because I am continuing to create confidence.

But when I take days off, and truly try to take a day off from my business and not think about my coaching business 24/7 (I don’t think one day off is too much to ask?) I find that when I come back to it, I feel scared and nervous again.

I know it’s because I’ve taken a moment to relinquish the constant working on my beliefs, but that feels so hard for me.

I feel like my confidence can’t be high if I’m not always, always practicing my beliefs which means I have to be always, always in my business – no time to let my brain off the hook.

Is this true? Is there another way?

Days off from the constant work seem so important to me, but it seems like it will only result in my brain going right back to where it was, so I fear I shouldn’t take days off.

It makes it so hard. I’d love your wisdom.