Telling other people

So I just got back from vacation – and the last part was a 28 hour train ride with 3 kids. The train arrived 7.5 hours late.

Now I practiced and did really well at telling the story in a way that served me to myself…”If the train hadn’t been delayed, I would have missed that amazing view.”…”The kids got to sleep longer because of the delay.”

But when I got back and talked about it to my husband and friends and family, the story was more in line with my thoughts before self coaching. I didn’t talk about the amazing view or the bonus of the kids sleeping longer, but about how hard it was, and all the problems that caused the delay, etc.

So while I can make things all right for me in my head, it seems that when I tell the story to others, I like to tell the more dramatic and more negative version. I am curious about why this is. Do I like the drama? Do I want to entertain them with my story? Do I want people to feel sorry for me? Do I want people to think that I’m amazing for going through something so hard? Do I want to fit in with others having a hard life? Maybe I’m worried that they’ll think I’m arrogant? All of the above?

I’m not sure exactly what my question is, but I’m curious about the difference between what we tell ourselves and what we tell others.