Telling People About Life Coaching

I’m about to start coach certification through SCS and am so excited! I’ve experienced the transformation that can occur with coaching and can’t wait to build my own skills. And, at the same time, I feel nervous telling people that this is what I’m up to. The main thing is that I’m worried what they will think. “Why would she shift careers?, what is she doing??, I don’t get that, life coaching is so fluffy, that’s not a real career” would be some of the thoughts I’m worried about them having. When I read back the potential thoughts they could have that are negative about coaching I don’t believe them. I know I can’t control their opinions and the people I have told have been very supportive and happy for me. I’ve been challenging myself to tell more people to get myself more comfortable through repetition. I’d love to get to the point where I can confidently yell it loud and proud that I am becoming a life coach. What are some good next steps?