Tension follow up

I did my thought download today before reading your response.
one thought was, Who will I be if I achieve my goals?
My answer- I will be the person that achieved all my goals. I will be the person people can look to for help.
My husband and I love to go to a local restaurant on beautiful days, sit on the patio, have lunch and beers. I’ve struggled with changing this scenario for myself.
Today I wrote,
Who am I at this restaurant? I am the wife that can drive home with no problem!
That feels really good!
After reading your response I ran through all my thoughts causing my tension. In the process I thought about the commitment I make everyday to my husband and the animals I’m responsible for.
That changed my thought to “I never stick to my commitments” to “I always stick to my commitments”.
That feels way better!
Thank you for your response, it was extremely helpful.