Thank You


Thank you for the program you created.
Because of it, I have grown in so many ways.
The progress I have made may not be apparent to others.
I didn’t start a business or lose weight or dramatically change my exterior life.
Rather, the work you offered me and the challenges you provided have served to build an inner strength, a quiet confidence, a gentle peace.
I received some challenging news late last night.
Last year at this time, I would have broken down after receiving the same news.
Asked “why me?”
Been angry.
Feeling like I don’t want to face what lies ahead.

Not last night.
I heard the news.
I woke up this morning and did my thought work.
I am calm and focused but not shutting down to the rest of the world
I know I can do hard things.
Why not me?
I got this.

Thank you for the tools you have provided.
The work you offer.
The strength you show.

My 2018 goal may be changing.
But I got this
I can do hard things.

Bring it.