Thank You

My father, one of the loves of my life, is visiting from the opposite coast with my stepmom. My stepmom is highly capable, extremely competent and very kind. She takes amazing care of my father. She had a stroke on our back porch tonight and being in SCS helped me cope in a highly supportive way. I took action and continually coached myself through all I needed to do, I kept taking action, told myself that i would feel whatever feeling came up but would keep taking the action most important to take, and I’d believe in the best outcome until otherwise seen. I’m very thankful for how my work in SCS helped me manage my thoughts and take best action in this situation. The prognosis looks good and I’ll continue to believe in that. I feel a little superstitious to say that out loud – as if by believing hard we make things happen , and I know I didn’t make the stroke intervention “work”, but I do believe by taking calm loving action and asking clear involved questions I offered positive support to the situation. And I want to continue to do that. Right now I’m feeling some post situational stress and I’m allowing and breathing through. Thank you