Thank you!

I just received my envelope today with your beautiful note and necklace. I just love the necklace. It’s really beautiful on me! I also love the encouraging note! Thank you so much for both!!

I have learned so much this year and am so different in many positive ways. I am grateful for your wisdom each month and sharing your tools. I started reading the homework book for January and doing the work. It’s amazing to re-read this material one year later. I actually understand it so much better than I did when I started 12 months ago and read it for the first time. Last year I know I was a consumer of information. I admitted to myself around October that I always think of the material as if it was for someone else. I read the materials and do the work as if it is an experiment. I listen to the podcasts, which I love but usually do not answer all the questions. I might have to look at myself. I love the thought downloads but usually don’t physically write out the models. I especially love listening to you coach on your live calls. That’s where I have learned so much! I know I need to work on myself but it is easier to think of this material as if it was for someone else. Why am I doing this? 😢 I want to make this year better!