The Experience of Me In the World

I am happy to announce that I had the fortunate opportunity to fail at getting an agent.

I sent a query letter and requested a meeting, which was welcomed. That already was a rare event.
And then I’ve prepared for it.
I did not know the person I am going to meet, what will I be asked and how to make a small talk, so all I focused on was what do I want the experience of Me to be for him in this meeting.
What experience will I leave him with? How will I experience giving him this experience?

This whole invitation to meet is simply another human inviting me to the experience of me.

End of the meeting – he is not interested in the genre I write (my peach), but he left the meeting feeling so good about himself, uplifted, thankful, and even inspired.
He said just before we said goodbye, ‘You are someone who is hard to forget. There’s this quality about you. I know you will do exceptionally well.’

Failure never felt so good.

That Screenwriter