The Having of Money

I watched your Money course and realized several money thoughts I have that clearly were adopted from my parents but which don’t serve me.
My behavior so far has been to maximize all my credit cards and each time I have any balance in my account or cash in my purse, I go and spend this money.
The pleasure I see in money is in the spending of it.
And over time I learned that I get great satisfaction from planned purchases, like waiting for the new iMac and get it, vs. buying more clothes online.

My husband is almost the opposite of me: he loves to have and accumulate money. For him, to see a balance of money in our account is very satisfying.

I recognize that it will be beneficial for me to believe what he believes but for some reason, thinking of money that I earned by working hard, to be sitting in my account, doing nothing for me, seems like a waste of its value.
In my mind, money is meant to be either spent on buying things or paying for services of living or alternatively been invested so that it can grow.
There is no value in leaving money in checking account. It just sits there.

The other day we attended a fundraising event in this magnificent estate of a rich man.
When he came out to greet us, he couldn’t be dressed more simply, and his house was so minimalist in its decor.
I asked him at an intimate moment, what is it like to wake up in a mansion like this? What does someone like him have for breakfast?

He said, ‘People think that from certain money that you make, you eat differently. What am I going to do, have four breakfasts? I actually don’t eat until 2pm. It is one less decision I need to make. I don’t decorate my house with expensive art, because if I would, I would have to allocate half a day each day to all those who want me to put their pieces in my house.
The only thing different in living in a place like this is the kind of mail I am getting, and the kind of requests that are asked of me.
Like hosting a fundraising event in my garden.
Yes, I probably have a really good mattress I sleep on, and yes, I fly only business class, and I buy really high quality shoes. These are the things I learned worth investing in. But the rest of how I function is just like when I had three roommates in a dusty and old apartment in NYC.’

I know that you mentioned that you love having money. May I ask you what pleasure you take in seeing money sitting in your account or purse?