The thought between I am not interested to I am interested

Hi Brooke,

Am stuck on a couple of models. I have received some attention from a guy, it is not a guy who is available and not one who I was even initially attracted to, which is why I am finding myself trying to identify the models I am running. I don’t know this guy well and when he made his feelings known I told him I wasn’t interested as he is married and actually wasn’t interested before I found out he was married anyway. We continued to chat and have fun night and I had no regrets telling him I wouldn’t be with him as he was married.

Since then he has texted/email rather innocuous things and often work related, but more than he would have prior to telling me he was interested. We have spent a little more time together due to work and I have been telling myself it is all above board, but since it has started I have found myself actually becoming interested, and so constantly checking emails and looking forward to seeing him at work.

My thought prior to him telling me he was interested and sending emails was; He is not someone I am attracted to and now he has shown interest it seems I have switched to; I am interested in him. When other people have told me they are interested in me, it didn’t make me start thinking I was, and with one guy in particular he often sends messages and have a connection but still no interest.

So initially I thought maybe I am only now interested because he is – but given the other examples where this is not the case, I am wondering if my thought was simply – ‘I am not interested in him’ and now it is ‘I am interested in him.’ And all of this drama is simply me trying to reject my feelings for him, because I think if I feel something for him them I am bad…

I cant work out if I only like him now because he has shown interest – but I know that the reason I am trying to work this out is because I think if that it the reason then I am a bit tragic.

But if it is not the above then why do I suddenly like him? What was the thought that got me from – ‘I don’t like him’ to ‘I like him?’