The watcher? Understanding a concept.

Hello, coaches!

I am hoping you can help me clarify a question about watching our thoughts.

I was reading Eckhart Tolle and also reflecting on the lesson that Brooke teaches that we are not our thoughts, and I’m still trying to fully understand the concept. I’m going to do my best to express my confusion clearly…ha.

If we are not our thoughts, and we need to step away from our thoughts and simply observe them, isn’t it ALSO our mind that is observing those thoughts? Are we just getting meta and thinking about our thoughts?

How does one separate themselves from their thoughts – i.e. I notice I’m stuck in this thought loop – without invoking your mind to make that observation?

I hope this question makes sense. I am trying hard to grasp these concepts, but I’m getting a little tripped up. I feel like I’ve entered the movie Inception.

Thanks for any clarity you can offer! I so appreciate your help.