Third Year Scholar

I am on my third year as a scholar.
I had tremendous success in weight loss on the first year. Everything clicked, everything made sense for the first time, and I was rolling and losing weight while using all the tools you teach.
Then on the second year I figured out my fear of doing my business and why I am procrastinating and I dealt with that. I accomplished great progress in this area.
Then I managed my relationship with money and my overspending habit and got that straightened out. And here started my third year as a scholar, and I allowed exceptions for food here and there and now it’s like I am on a full blown binge as if I learned nothing at all.
Everyday I commit to resuming my food protocol (which worked beautifully for me) and I find it difficult to allow the urges from the start.

For such a long time things like flour and sugar were not even an option for me, not because I resisted not to have them, I literally would skip the pasta sections in menus, as if I don’t even see them, as if they were never an option.
I kept looking for: where are my vegetables and protein dish and that’s that.

I can’t believe I am doing this self-development and self-coaching program for such a long time, and I mean, I am one of those who did the homework every single day of the first two years, and now I cannot even hold space for the urge and ride it off.

What has gone wrong with me?