This Month _ What to Believe?

This month, I want to believe two thoughts. I know that I only partially believe both of them. But I want to believe them both fully. And succeed on them. But is that possible and can I bridge them together?

My Impossible Goal is to launch and make $10K through my online business coaching program. I have been working on taking steps and failing at doing this. I feel like my mind wants to get into the “how” and it does bring up a lot of work for me to do as it relates to managing my time and my self worth. I want to believe in this 110%. But I often get stuck on who is going to pay me that 10K???

The other belief I want to be 110% in is about my weight. I want to be able to manage my emotional eating and lose that last 8lbs. I will go on and off the protocol and make excuses for myself. I will struggle and often think this is too hard. And, I resist and use my will-power, which then just makes me go back to that cycle. I want no food drama. I want to love myself and my body completely. However, I feel like I’m never 110% on this thought because when it gets hard or something ‘stressful’ happens in my life – I let myself off the hook.

Can I work on both of these beliefs at the same time? I feel as though they both rely on each other in a few ways. Should I just focus on one? And, which one should that be?