Thought Download about Money

I’ve been doing my thought downloads about money. Specifically around a business I can start that will give me the lifestyle I want, and give me the income I want. I’m having some trouble coming up with questions.
So far I have been asking:
What kind of business would give me the lifestyle and income I want?
What if any business I created could give me this lifestyle, what would I do?
What if I did know what business I could start that would give me this income level and lifestyle?
What are 3 business ideas that would give me this lifestyle and income?
What would my future self tell me what kind of business to start?
What skill sets do I have that the market place wants and I can meet this income goal and lifestyle?

Am I going to crazy with all the questions? I’ve picked one idea so far and started implementing. Results have not
been great so far so I’ve back to thought downloads. Confused on how much thought downloads I need to do.
Grateful for the assistance!