Thought work getting in the way of my dreams?

I’d love some help reconciling Brooke’s teaching that it’s important to be happy where you are before you take action to change your situation. To accept that your thoughts are creating your experience of your circumstances before acting to change your circumstances.

First, what does being “happy” where you are actually mean? I believe that wherever I’m at/whatever I do, I’ll experience both positive and negative emotion. Does it simply mean accepting responsibility for my thoughts and feelings? OR is it more about choosing to love my current circumstances before I change them – in which case, I get to decide what “love” means and embody that in my relationship to my current circumstances? But if that’s the case, can’t I cultivate feelings of love in relation to my current circumstances whether I’ve changed them or not?

Second, I’m curious about how to reconcile this teaching with my desire to full on go after my dreams.

In one of her coaching calls, Brooke said that if we’re letting thought work get in the way of our dreams, we’re doing thought work wrong.

That makes a lot of sense but it also makes me think I’m either misunderstanding the recommendation to be happy where we’re at before we change something, or maybe I don’t agree with it?

Because I have BIG goals in my life. Big dreams. I want to become a creativity coach. I want to become an expert in creativity and change people’s relationship to creating while cultivating a creative practice myself.

But truth be told I’m not really happy in my current job. I don’t love it. I struggle with time management, beat myself up when I make “mistakes” (in quotes bc I acknowledge “mistake” is a thought) (also, I’m working on this & it’s actually improved a lot!), have a lot of emotional childhood in my thoughts toward my boss, don’t love the work itself (which is a skillset that I’m grateful to have developed but now I’m ready to develop other skills), dislike – and yes, at times resist – aspects of the company culture, etc.

I acknowledge that I will likely take these thoughts with me wherever I go – I will struggle with self-doubt and time management in my entrepreneurial endeavors, I will struggle with self-doubt and self-recrimination, I will have negative thoughts toward myself as I’m having toward my boss right now, etc.

But if I’m going to be working on these things anyway, does it really matter whether I do the work while being in inaction vs. doing the work while building something I truly believe will help me live out my purpose in life?

Am I missing out on some juicy thought work if I go all in on my dreams right now? Won’t that bring up even MORE juicy stuff to work on and grow into?

I’m not looking to quit my job immediately, but I think for the last couple of months it’s like I’ve been waiting for some perfectionist fantasy of loving my current job before I feel like I can/should take action to create the career I want. How do I know when I’m ready to take the next step?

It’s like I’m caught between viewing myself as a butterfly walking (a la Brooke’s recent podcast) and feeling like I might be trying to change my C line in order to change my F line.

I’d love some help!