Thoughts about my childhood

Recently I have been observing thoughts about my childhood 40+ years ago. I am thinking I was bullied, disrespected, mistreated and shamed. I am thinking this is why I sometimes feel shame and guilt now and the need to be an overachiever. I am watching these thoughts with curiosity. I am sending my inner child love and compassion.
I am questioning myself as I keep thinking these sad thoughts –
– Do I just sit with them for awhile
– Am I taking on a victim role?
– Am I trying to blame others for my inner critic?

Models I have come up with

C- thinking about childhood
T- I was mistreated
F- sad abandoned lonely
A- blame others, wallow in victimhood
R- stagnate thoughts and feelings in a blame spiral

C- thinking about my childhood
T- had some rough times but also good times too
F- I was loved and my young parents did their best
A – quiet acceptance, thankful for my amazing current life that resulted from this childhood
R- observe thoughts and move forward being the best mom I can be to my adult children