Thoughts and models about current events

(If this is too political, I’ll understand if you decide not to post it. But I hope you will because I’m really struggling and could probably use a Brooke-style perspective shifter.)

Brooke, I gotta be honest: The political climate in the US is really getting to me. I’m having trouble coming up with new, better thoughts. My attempts at intentional models all feel like BS. Here’s an example:

C: People in power
T: It’s unfair that greed, money, corruption, and bigotry are winning. What’s the point of fighting and resisting when their winning seems inevitable?
F: Despondent, hopeless, cynical
A: Buffer, wallow, avoid, throw up my hands in defeat
R: Surrender and let the inevitable unfold (in a “what’s the point of fighting?” way, not a loving acceptance way)

C: People in power
T: It sucks but there is ALWAYS reason for hope. We need to keep resisting and fighting, especially on behalf of those who can’t fight for themselves.
F: Motivated, hopeful, purpose-driven
A: Keep fighting and resisting
R: The fight continues

Intellectually and theoretically, I know that worrying and wringing my hands does nothing useful. I know that a lot of people in a lot of countries have it much, much worse than we do. I know that, as a relatively privileged white woman, I personally won’t be affected by many of the unfolding policies–but my concern has always been with those who can’t fight for themselves and are being exploited (children, animals, the elderly, the mentally ill, the disabled, the disadvantaged, the environment, etc.). I know that carrying all of that on my shoulders is pointless to the point of almost martyrdom. I understand, theoretically, that there is no point in arguing with reality. But when reality is actively unfolding before our eyes and could potentially be shaped in a multitude of ways, I feel duty-bound to stay informed, and to fight and resist as hard as I can–but I can also see that I’m not doing those things in a way that’s healthy for me. Part of me wants to stop consuming the news and current events altogether, even though I know I would feel guilty for not staying informed and fully engaged.

I want to care, and I want to serve in an engaged way, but I want to do it in a way that feels “clean” because it feels DIRTY AS HELL in my brain right now. Do you have any thoughts, advice, insights, etc. about this? I doubt that I’m the only one who’s struggling with this in such an intense way. What are some better thoughts that might serve me (and the world around me) better? Thanks so much, Brooke.