Thoughts that end F/A/R

I have been applying SCS for over a year now and am finding that for models that the C is not a circumstance I want, it takes a long time to get to the right intentional model. But then I have found that in some circumstances when I changed my thought and it just stuck, that I no longer even had to think about the F/A/R, and my mind was cleared of it. Is that ok? A couple of examples are:
C – Girls Trip to Hawaii
T – I wasn’t invited
F/A/R – non issue – just math
C – Cash to my Son from my Boss
T – It was a gift
F/A/R – stopped thinking about it – just math
I really appreciate your help with this and more than I could ever explain do I love the life you have given me back in this last year. I am forever grateful to you Brooke for your teachings.
Love, Brianna