My Brain while I walked around cleaning my room and kitchen. Enjoy 🙂

My house is a mess
I can’t keep up with it
She’s driving me crazy
Why does she keep crying
This is ridiculous
I want her to stop
She needs to go play
She needs to help me
Why are her things on the floor
There’s so much to do every where I turn
It’s hard stay on task
This won’t even matter it’s going to be a mess again soon
How can I keep up on it with everything I’m doing
How can I keep my appearance nice while I get housework done
I am not getting the results I want
I want to be a person who gets ready and looks nice
My clothes don’t fit
I don’t like my clothes
I don’t have money to buy all new clothes
I don’t have time to do that
I need to send a card to my friend
I need to okay more with my kids
Warner isn’t getting enough stimulation he’s bored and that’s why he’s acting out
Maybe if I had a life coaching job I’d have more money and could pay for someone to clean my house
I’d love to have a nice clean garage
How does Brooke do it?
I always feel like I’m behind
The days I do get a lot done I feel good about it but it feels unsustainable
There’s no way I can keep up a schedule like that
I can barely just take care of my kids
I want the result of a clean house- broke says to focus on one thing at a time but I can’t let go of the other things
Yes I could spend all day cleaning and organizing and keeping things out away but that’s exhausting
I could spend money to have someone to do it for me but I’d have to cut back somewhere else- and I feel like as a stay at home mom It’s my job to be able to manage both the kids and the home.

Where do I start Brooke? Time management? Feeling the feelings that I’m creating with these thoughts and clean any way? Try to work on loving my house the way it is?- (similar to what I’m trying to do with my body)