Time Where is it Going?

Thank you for the last question being answered.
We are ready to take MASSIVE action but I feel like my productivity has been really low.
I’m struggling to make a monthly or even weekly plan.
C: Time management
T: I should be doing something else- not sure this is the best use of my time
F: Double minded/frustrated
A: Plan tomorrow but second guess if it’s what I should be doing
R: Change my schedule.. again

C: Time Management
T: I’m only going to focus on getting new 10 clients by taking action.
F: Focused
A: Write out action items
R: Take action

I feel guilty because we haven’t “batched’ our podcasts or blogs. I feel guilty because we don’t have certain processes in place. I spend a lot of time feeling guilty for not being further ahead, working harder, being more focused, and wasting time. Then I just keep wasting time.

Is this really my thinking or do I need to have at least 30 days of planning done to be more efficient?
Thanks so much!